Colour Dyslexia Test

Colour Dyslexia Test

Colour Dyslexia TestMost people believe that people with reading difficulties suffer with ‘Dyslexia’. However, some individuals are incorrectly labelled dyslexic. These people are more usually suffering from ‘Visual Stress’. Visual Stress is NOT Dyslexia but its symptoms are often confused with dyslexia as they result in poor reading. This is due to the individual being over-sensitive to visual patterns, such as stripes, as registered by the brain when reading lines of text resulting in the experience of visual discomfort and perceptual distortions. Sometimes the problem of Visual Stress may run concurrently with other specific learning difficulties, but when Visual Stress is identified and treated then any remaining difficulties associated with learning are easier to deal with. Intuitive Colorimetry has helped children and adults worldwide to improve reading, attention and with learning difficulties, as well as benefit good readers and gifted students. Coloured lenses also helps people suffering with headaches, migraines and photosensitive epilepsy.

Both Dyslexic and Visual Stress sufferers can be helped with reading by simply adding colour over the text they are reading. Every individual will have their own unique colour that will help them. As well as colour itself, both tone and tint help make reading comfortable.

Firstly, an Eye Examination (free for 16 and under) should be carried out. ColorimetryEveryone displaying problems with reading or suffering from headaches should be referred to an optometrist for a full vision test.  If a refractive prescription is required (e.g. for long or short sight) it can be incorporated in the coloured lenses.

Next comes a Coloured Overlay Screening Assessment. Individuals are assessed with coloured overlays and then urged to use the overlays when reading during the ensuing weeks, noting any improvements that result. However, in cases where the benefit from an overlay is clear, the optometrist may suggest moving directly to testing with the Intuitive Colorimeter.

Finally, individuals will have an Colour Dyslexia Test. If overlays are found to be beneficial, a test using the Intuitive Colorimeter is carried out to determine the precise colour for the prescription of Precision Tinted Lenses for each individual.  Assessment takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Indeed, by using such a simple assessment method and treatment may prevent sufferers from having to turn to such practices as private psychiatrist London. Frustration and low self-esteem can occur in people underachieving due to dyslexia orvisual stress. Early diagnosis of the problem is essential. The longer it takes to identify and remedy visual stress, the greater the loss of confidence and the greater the need for medicine or talking therapies to deal with emotional stress that would otherwise persist.

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