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Color Tinted Lenses for Dyslexia – New to USA

Coloured tinted lenses for dyslexiaA revolutionary method to make glasses and contact lenses can assist treat the reading issue called dyslexia. Dyslexia can take months or even years to diagnose. A child can struggle in school, and still discover a way to manage the reading difficulty, delaying a chance for medical diagnosis.
Bakersfield Optometrist Dr. Joseph Figazo provides a possible solution to vision issues that can be associated with dyslexia.
ChromaGen lenses have actually been made use of in England and Europe for over 20 years. But now the technology has actually been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and physicians in the U.S. are recommending ChromaGen lenses to assist deal with dyslexia.
Some people with dyslexia state words seem to float off the page or go out of focus ChromaGen glasses or contact lenses are custom made with a system of 16 tinted filters. The colored lenses readjust the wavelength of light entering the eye.
The business states when the wavelengths are readjusted for dyslexic reader’s text becomes clear and the words stop moving. Dr. Figazolo alters the colored filters in the test glasses, to find the pair that makes the most distinction for the client. Commonly the colors are various for each eye.
Seven-year-old Nathan had the ability to pick up the pace of his reading after a trying a few lenses. Dr. Figazolo stated he’s seen dramatic modifications with his clients.
“The results promote themselves. When the children begins doing better on their tests, bringing home excellent grades feeling better about themselves, it works,” Dr. Figazolo stated.
After Dr. Figazolo checks the patient and determines a ChromaGen prescribed, the patient can choose any frame. The lenses are made in a lab in Illinois and the client gets them in about a week.


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