First Page of the Google Results – Part 1- Why is it necessary?

First Page of the Google Results – Part 1- Why is it necessary?


Why you will benefit from being on the first page of the Google results


If you are on the first page of the Google results for your target keywords, new website visitors that are searching for your products will easily find you. Today, over 90% of people looking to purchase a new product will certainly begin by searching online.

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A charity helping people with the diagnosis and treatment of Meares Irlen Syndrome might target keywords like dyslexia tests, language development or learning difficulties as a method of trying to get the website on the first page of the Google results pages so that people looking for information about dyslexia or related symptoms can easily find them.


Over the last 2 decades, people have begun to use telephone directories less and less and instead, tend to search online for products and services. Over the last 5 years, smart phones have become the preferred device to use for searching online.

We are in the electronic age of Information Technology. This is taking over our world at a fantastic rate:

1. 1980s Berners-Lee in the UK started up the internet.

2. 1980s saw the first Personal Computers.

3. 1990s saw the first web browsers.

4. 1990 Archie was the very first web online search engine and then came:

a. Excite (1993)

b. Infoseek, Altavista, Yahoo Look, Lycos (1994).

5. 1996 Google – Larry Page and Sergei Brin were the first people to use user signals. They made use of back links from different websites in their ranking algorithm. The worth of websites and web pages depended upon the number of web links in addition to their dependability.

6. 2007 the first smart phone was made by Steve Jobs of Apple.

7. 2015 there were fewer searches on computers than there were on mobile phones.

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Google is the search engine that is used the most with about 90% of all search engine traffic (



There are over 100 billion searches each month on Google and more than 90% of Google internet traffic finishes up on web pages that were on the first page of Google (

If a business networking team in Chingford has an exceptional internet site that has been created by an expert web designer in Essex who is very knowledgeable about keyword tools, keywords on the website like referral marketing, supportive business environment or local networking groups will help to promote the website to the top of the first page of Google where it is likely to be seen by professionals looking for networking groups in their area.

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