The position of a web page on Google for a keyword depends a lot on the power of any incoming links. However well your web page has been put together, whether it is by a web designer in Essex or a web designer in Chingford, if the web pages at the top of the Google web page list for your target keyword phrases have a great deal more link power than your web page, being at the top of Google is not very likely.

The very best indicator we have of inbound web link power to a page is the Moz page authority and for the internet site it is the Moz Domain Authority. Total Page Authority (TPA) of a web page is the total of its Page Authority as well as Domain Authority. The typical TPA of the web pages currently on the initial page of Google’s search page for keywords is the best offered screening process test for keyword difficulty — the difficulty of accomplishing leading web page positioning.

Keyword SEO Pro uniquely evaluates keyword difficulty for a listing of keywords and phrases by computing the average TPA of the pages currently on the leading web page of Google for each and every keyword.


ksp wills and probate

In the above evaluation, if you click on the table you will see that the web page in position 9 relates to ‘probate’ and has a Page Authority 42 and Domain Authority 34. You can spot these figures if you have the Moz Toolbar enabled.

The TPA column is our indication of keyword difficulty. ‘Wills’ and also ‘probate’ are in the Red Zone– SME websites do not have a chance of efficiently competing for these high keyword difficulty keyword phrases but ‘Power of Attorney Exeter’ might be a better bet.

Will & Testament Book Amz

‘Probate Exeter’ (TPA 75) is in Blue Zone—showing that these keywords are attainable for SME sites with a reasonable quantity of web link power acquisition.

‘Probate Plymouth’ (TPA 44) is in the Green Zone and would certainly be a fairly simple keyword phrase to target.

A similar analysis could be performed for family lawyers in North London, using the keywords divorce and separation, house purchasing or will writing.


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