Page Download Rates, SEO and Placing for Keywords

Page Download Rates, SEO and Placing for Keywords


Exactly how quickly your web pages load into your web internet browser– the download rate – has constantly featured in the success of a website or a blog site. If your site takes a long time to load, visitors will not wait for it.


People who spend time browsing on the internet are truly impatient. It matters not how they are getting into your website, if it’s very slow, they will not wait to see your website however good it may be. If it is your main company website, you could lose a potential customer.


Google has stated that page download speed has a component to play in your placing on the internet search engine outcomes and everyone is on the band wagon to try and increase the download rate of websites and blogs. It simply takes Google to claim this and now people take notice and act on it even though they could have looked at that before.


Google resembles an internet agent and it needs to give the best results to continue to be the best in their field, just like a travel agent or a letting agent. Customers do not like slow to load websites so Google watches this, pushing websites down in the rankings if they are not so fast.




In 1999 Zona pointed out that you could lose approximately 33% of your site visitors if your website took in excess of 8 seconds to download and install.


In 2006 Akamai declared that you could lose as much as 33% of your website visitors if your web page took in excess of 4 seconds to download over a broadband link.


In 2006 analysis at Google showed that raising download times by just 0.5 seconds resulted in a 20% decline in internet traffic.


Website Download Speed Examinations


The list here includes ways to analyse your page download speed:


Pingdom Site Download Test


Google Analytics Plugin by Yoast


Pagespeed Insights



Origins of Slow Website Download and How to Speed Up Sites


Hosting – You generally get what you pay for although some website hosting and SEO companies can offer amazing servers for hosting with fast downloading at a fairly affordable price.




Photos – Huge pictures or SEO videos have the propensity to elevate download times. Try to make sure your picture size is as little as possible and optimize them with programs like


Caching – Caching programs, like Rapid Ranker or W3TC, can lower download and install times by 50%. If a web page takes 6 seconds to download, you will lose nearly 80% of potential customers as they will not wait for your website to load. If it takes 3 seconds they will certainly remain on your site and check it all out.


Practical things to Consider


If you have 2 websites of equivalent SEO worth contending for a search phrase and one downloads in 2 seconds and the other in 4 seconds, the faster site will certainly have positive customer reaction signals and the slower one will not. The faster site will move up the rankings on the internet search engines and the slower one will move down.


A financial advisor in Wanstead with a website offering financial planning tools, advice on cash flow management or pre retirement advice that downloads very quickly is likely to rank highly on the first page of the Google results. If this financial advisor also made use of a company that can design, print and deliver marketing leaflets via door to door distribution, they are likely to succeed in securing a lot more business.



Download speed also impacts on quality score – an expert in SEO in London could therefore help you to stay on the top page of Google. This influences web traffic and as a result, will impact on your business and your revenue.