The Instance for Primacy of Hyperlinks (Total Page Authority) for First Page Ranking on Google

The Instance for Primacy of Hyperlinks (Total Page Authority) for First Page Ranking on Google


Links have primacy of the ranking elements


Moz invites 150 SEO experts annually to rate the influence of wide areas of ranking elements on Google’s search algorithm. Basically they can be divided into:

– Off-Page – incoming web link power to the web page (Page Authority) and domain (Domain Authority). This website owner, with 18 years of SEO experience for his own sites and also client websites has discovered that Off-Page aspects have primacy. At first, he utilized PageRank to examine off-page impact (inbound web link power to the leading pages for a keyword search). Google ceased offering the public PageRank updates in December 2013 and today the most effective metrics available are Moz Page and Domain Authority ratings. The Total Page Authority of a web page is the total of its Page and Domain Authorities

– On-Page – usage of keywords, basic synonyms and also connected words in the text of a page as well as the website

– Social Metrics – involvement with blog posts and also company social media web pages covering Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn and also YouTube

– Quality Score – user signals especially time spent on a web page and website, the bounce rate (returning to Google to try another website for the same keywords)

David Viniker’s view is that optimum scores for the broad elements remain in the region of:

– On-Page – 50

– Off-Page – 150

– Social Metrics – 10

– Quality Score – 20

It is fair to say that nobody knows the relative contributions in the Google formula for the 4 points above.

Moreover, the relevance of Social Metrics and Quality Score are going up.

But the following is true:

A: For a website on the very first page of Google for a high keyword difficulty search term: the Total Page Authority is over 90.

B: For a website on the initial page of Google for a moderate keyword difficulty keyword: the Total Page Authority of your typical initial page on Google webpage is about 80.

C: For a website on the very first page of Google for a reduced keyword difficulty search term: the typical Total Page Authority might be less than 60.

These can be compared with typical scores for:

D: A high performing SME site. This kind of website might attain a Total Page Authority of 70 or perhaps 80. This would be unusual for an SME website – few websites would achieve that. It appears that a high performing SME internet site could accomplish top page placing for a modest keyword difficulty keyword but never for a high keyword difficulty search term

E: A good SME internet site. This could attain a Total Page Authority of 60 by putting in effort on social networking sites as well as blogging with high quality fresh material. Top page ranking on Google for lower keyword difficulty key phrases as well as some moderate keyword difficulty phrases might then be possible

F: A brand new SME website will have a low Total Page Authority at the start. If well developed, with high quality content, with initiative on Social Networking sites and blogging with top quality new content, leading page positioning on Google for really low keyword difficulty search phrases might be attainable relatively quickly with the help of a good website designer in Chingford. Web link power purchase and top quality blog writing as well as social media development will certainly be called for to accomplish more also in a few months.


The typical Total Page Authority of the pages on the first page of Google has primacy in determining keyword difficulty. Nowadays, brand new websites are not likely to accomplish first page positioning on Google for anything aside from really low keyword difficulty key phrases. They should certainly supply blogs with premium quality fresh content to motivate inbound web links as well as enhance their quality scores before even low keyword difficulty search terms will be in reach for first page ranking on Google.

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