Tom Ford Glasses

Tom Ford Glasses

Tom Ford glassesTom Ford Glasses are fashionable glasses under the Tom Ford label of Thomas Carlyle Ford, the fashion designer responsible for the internationally gained fame of Gucci. Having a keen eye, Ford looks at what people like to design fashion that is desired. In fact, he got his big break in his desire to work for the American designer Cathy Hardwick by calling her every day for a month for a chance to be interviewed to work for her. Giving in to his harassment, not intending for a moment to actually give him a chance, she did so because when she asked him who his favourite European designers were he chose Armani and Chanel because he noticed she was wearing Armani. He ended up working for Hardwick as design assistant for two years.

Tom Ford worked for another American fashion company for a further two years before opting to move to Europe as he viewed his own culture as holding him back as he saw that in America it was, as he termed, “tacky, to be too stylish whereas in Europe people love style. He moved to Milan to work for Gucci where his role their rapidly expanded. He put everything into Gucci for 15 years before he parted ways, sadly, on unamicable terms.

In 2006, Tom Ford launched his own line of menswear, beauty, eyewear and Tom Ford glassesother accessories. Tom Ford glasses are highly sought as fashionable eyewear still today, even being deemed one of the most glamorous and luxurious collections of eyewear. Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses are arguably a true piece of 21st century Italian luxury in that every pair of Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses have an effortless elegance and style representing a timeless look for both men and women in a combination of metal and acetate styles that are bold but elegant exuding sophistication and a luxurious style.

Tom Ford glassesTom Ford Glasses permit you the ability to read from a prescription lens in fashion from Times newspapers and enjoyable paperbacks to leaflets posted to your home from leaflet delivery companies. Tom Ford Glasses can even be fitted with colour lenses for dyslexia sufferers or people who suffer visual stress. If you think you may need a special pair of coloured lenses to help improve your reading then try dyslexia test online to see if they can benefit you. In addition, if you want to look good then perhaps you need to see dentist Hendon to give you the perfect set of pearly whites. Furthermore, if it is style that you seek for your stylish image, then bring style to your home with a new kitchen from kitchen showrooms.

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